@imagenius & the D.tube Forum – a GREAT partnership!

@imagenius is proud to be the official print sponsor, executor and design agency partner of the 1st Dtube Forum in Barcelona, which took place from May, 17-19th, 2019!

We’ve given the Forum its new look & made it visible not only on Livestreams all over the world, but also on merch, flags and a huge banner!

Besides that our CEO & Imagination Man @Roger.Remix is part of the organisation team and made this win-win-win collabo possible, thanks to @dtube & the @dtube.forum’s main organizer @hauptmann, who’s with Roger in Barcelona!

Check out our official Homepage to learn more about the Dtube Forum, content creation, new reward & revenue models, blockchain as a whole and the Steem blockchain in specific, Dtube and other featured decentralized apps, their use cases, the future of the Internet and how it changes our society: dtubeforum.com